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The Wonderful Kingdom of Papa Alaev - Filmmaker Interview


The Wonderful Kingdom of Papa Alaev is the story of a close but fraught musical family headed by a unrelenting patriarch and the unequal treatment he bestows on his grown children, daughter Ada and son Ariel. Subsequently, we see how that

"Outraged Women Have Motivated Us" - Quipu Project Interactive Walkthrough


Quipu Project weaves the narratives of the indigenous and poor women of Peru who underwent forced sterilization in the early 1990s under dictator Alberto Fujimori. Building on centuries of oral tradition, via the new frontier of immersive

Welcome to Hot Docs Industry 2016


Dear Hot Docs Filmmakers and Delegates,

On the eve of the Festival, as you arrive in Toronto or travel across town to the Rogers Industry Centre, we offer a very heartfelt welcome to Hot Docs

How to Hot Docs!


In anticipation of the Festival, the entire Hot Docs staff have shared their Festival tips and best kept secrets that will come in handy as you navigate the program and market over the 11 days of Hot Docs!

Sage Industry

Storytelling and Cinematography


Iris Ng has developed a reputation as one of the most versatile cinematographers within documentary. For over a decade, Iris has collaborated with award-winning directors Min Sook Lee, Fredrik Gertten, Vikram Jayanti, Angad Bhalla, Liz Marshall,

Spotlight on the 2016 Industry Conference


This year the Hot Docs Industry Conference will focus on diversity when it comes to race and gender behind the camera, building career paths, accessing alternative funding and distribution models, and the ways we envision the future

Before Beyoncé There Was Tempest Storm: A Filmmaker Interview


This week we speak to director/producer Nimisha Mukerji and producer Kaitlyn Regehr about 2016 Hot Docs official selection Tempest Storm (Shot Glass Productions) and the film’s namesake: America’s oldest living sex

The Co-Production Dilemma: Co-Production From a Canadian Point of View


This monthly series illuminates some of the mysteries associated with co-production. This is not a step-by step guide, as each co-production relationship is unique and dependent on numerous variables. Though there are often financial

Heidi Goes to Qumra


From the moment I arrived in Doha, Qatar, I was impressed by the beautiful architecture, warm hospitality and, of course, delicious food—I was instantly addicted to the chapati and karak. (Does anyone know where to find this in

Canadian Broadcast Platforms 2016: Bell Media and HBO


Hot Docs Jots’ New Canadian Platforms monthly series highlights new opportunities for Canadian filmmakers in the Canadian broadcast landscape. This month we welcome Corrie Coe, Senior Vice-President, Independent Production at Bell Media to

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