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Big Steps

We’ve partnered with Samsung Canada to celebrate our 25th anniversary Festival by commissioning six short documentaries, each reflecting on a monumental moment in a filmmaker’s life.

The program, called Big Steps, both embraces traditional documentary storytelling and looks forward to advancements in digital filmmaking technology. Three of the films will be created by established Canadian documentarians and three by YouTube content creators, and all films will be shot on the latest smartphone technology from Samsung, the Galaxy Note 8 and Galaxy S9+.

The Films

Comment Trouver Un Rêve (D: Émile Roy)

A Home Movie (D: Yung Chang)

Little Trumpet Boy (D: Charles Officer)

The Naming Tree (D: Nimisha Mukerji)

Remembering (D: Corey Vidal)

The Sourtoe Cocktail (D: Sabrina Cruz)

The Filmmakers

Yung Chang
Yung Chang is the multi-award-winning director of Up the Yangtze (2007), China Heavyweight (2012) and The Fruit Hunters (2013). In 2015, Chang was a fellow of the prestigious Sundance Institute Screenwriting and Directing labs for his first dramatic feature, Eggplant. His latest doc, Gatekeeper, is on the festival circuit and streaming on Field of Vision, Laura Poitras’ curated online film unit. yungfilms.com

Sabrina Cruz
Sabrina Cruz is a Toronto-based video producer and personality best known for her YouTube channel NerdyAndQuirky. She combines nerd culture and comedy to keep her audience laughing and learning. Sabrina can also be found hosting educational and explainer series on her own channel through Cool History and Nerdonomics, as well as on Crash Course Kids and Snarled.

Nimisha Mukerji
Nimisha Mukerji’s debut feature 65_RedRoses was commissioned by the CBC and was one of the first official selections by Oprah Winfrey for her Documentary Club. Nimisha’s second feature Blood Relative received multiple Canadian Screen Award nominations including the Donald Brittain Award for Best Social/Political Documentary and Best Direction in a Documentary Program. Her latest feature Tempest Storm was voted a Top 20 Audience Favorite at Hot Docs. www.shotglassproductions.com

Charles Officer
Charles Officer’s filmmaking career began with a slate of award-winning short films. A Canadian Film Centre Director Residency alumnus, his first feature documentary Mighty Jerome won four Leo Awards and an Emmy Award for Best Historical Documentary. His latest feature documentary, Unarmed Verses won Best Canadian Feature Awards at Hot Docs and Vancouver International Film Festival, and the People’s Choice Award at 2018 TIFF Top Ten Canadian Film Festival.

Émile Roy
At just 18, Émile has already starred in and directed many short films and even a web series, some of which have even been screened at public events. Bursting with talent, Émile has impressed with his skits, travel videos and testimonials about personal matters with a blend of humor and soberness.

Corey Vidal
Corey Vidal is a Toronto-based entrepreneur, director, and full-time YouTube creator. He has been uploading videos to YouTube since 2006, where he has generated over 100 million organic views. Corey produces his content with a team of full-time staff at his company ApprenticeA Productions. He is also the founder of Buffer Festival, an annual theatrical event in downtown Toronto where hundreds of the most acclaimed creators on YouTube premiere new content.

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