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The Films

Being Black Canada 1971

Being Black in Canada: A Personal View 1971

  • Canada
  • 35

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Professor Jamshed Mavalwala in discussion with Mairuth Haas (Mairuth Hodge Sarsfield), broadcaster, diplomat, and writer, on the attitude of people towards Black Canadians and how these attitudes have affected her and her family. Cultural and social myths underlying racism are also examined.

University of Toronto Archives, UofT Media Centre A2015-0038 (00155)

Being Black Canada 2020

Being Black in Canada: 2020

  • Canada
  • 60
  • CBC Production

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Host Asha Tomlinson speaks with activists who have been a part of the Black Lives Matter movement for many years about what has changed and what now needs to happen.

CBC Being Black in Canada website

Change Action Racism Canada

Change & Action: Racism in Canada

  • Canada
  • 9
  • CTV Production

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Author Desmond Cole and Black Lives Matter Toronto founder Sandy Hudson discuss the myth that racism doesn’t exist in Canada and address what corporations need to do to tackle systemic racism within their institutions.

Deeply Rooted Real

Deeply Rooted

  • Canada
  • 23
  • Cazhhmere

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Filmmaker Cazhhmere is a 7th generation black Canadian. Despite this deep history, she's constantly asked to explain where she from—even though the answer is always "Canada."

My Teenage Life Being Black Canada

My Teenage Life Being Black in Canada

  • Canada
  • 8
  • Cameron Davis

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Cameron Davis speaks to a reality of being a black youth in Canada today. He wrote this speech and shared it at a BLM protest in Markham, ON. It speaks to the importance of diversity and fears he has had growing up. Cameron would like the video to be used as a method to hear a black voice.

Skin Were In

The Skin We're In

  • Canada
  • 44
  • Charles Officer

Acclaimed journalist Desmond Cole explores what it is to be Black in 21st century Canada. Do Black Lives Matter here?

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