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Hot Docs at Home on CBC

Watch Hot Docs at Home on CBC, a multiplatform festival-at-home experience providing Canadians with front-row access to select titles from the 2020 Hot Docs Festival premiering Thursday nights.

Following the postponement of the 2020 Hot Docs Festival due to the COVID-19 pandemic, a small selection of exclusive first-run feature documentaries that would have debuted at the Festival will now premiere on CBC, the free CBC Gem streaming service and documentary Channel. CBC will also partner with Hot Docs to expand the at-home audience experience with interactive, livestreamed Q&As with filmmakers and other original digital content at CBC Docs.

How to Watch

On CBC Gem: A special Hot Docs at Home playlist will offer the new collection from Hot Docs, a selection 2020 Festival short docs including Hollie’s Dress and Nancy’s Workshop, and docs from past Festivals.


On documentary Channel: An expanded schedule of Hot Docs programming, showcasing feature-length documentaries from past Festivals, will be available until May 10. Visit documentary Channel for details.

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Finding Sally Sm

Finding Sally

  • Canada
  • 78
  • Tamara Dawit

When she notices a black-and-white portrait hanging above her grandmother’s fireplace, filmmaker Tamara Dawit learns of an aunt she never knew she had. Is this beautiful young woman perhaps the source of the cryptic pain her elders speak of? Now, four decades after her mysterious aunt Sally’s disappearance, Dawit enlists the help of her four remaining aunts to piece together her life. What she uncovers is a remarkable woman, idealistic and in love, an aristocrat-turned-communist-rebel. When a period of violence and oppression, dubbed the Red Terror, erupts in Ethiopia, Sally is forced to go underground with her then-boyfriend. Her story becomes part of the erasure of a whole generation of young, educated people who paid the price for their political convictions. Interweaving Sally’s story with archival footage from the late ’70s, the film underscores the adage that the personal is political. Aisha Jamal

Hollies Dress 1

Hollie's Dress

  • Canada
  • 25
  • Annie Sakkab

As 14-year-old Hollie sews her first dress with her mother, she faces the decision all Mennonite girls must make as they reach adulthood. Will she put on the dress, become a full member of the Mennonite church and assume her role as a mother, or will she join the wider world? Mariam Zaidi

In The Shadow Pines 1

In the Shadow of the Pines

  • Canada
  • 7
  • Anne Koizumi

Inspired by the filmmaker’s own upbringing, this deeply personal animated documentary about a difficult father-daughter relationship questions ideas of shame around being othered as an immigrant in North America and how life-defining experiences can inhibit us from claiming and owning our identities. Mariam Zaidi

Influence 1


  • Canada, South Africa
  • 106
  • Richard Poplak
  • Diana Neille

As the information age transforms our societies and political arenas, democracies are being tested in a post-truth era. Advertising agencies, originally developed to help capitalist industries capture market share, have begun to apply their finely tuned propaganda machine to elections. British firm Bell Pottinger was one of the world’s most prominent public relations and reputation management agencies. Their keen ability to develop and disseminate personal branding for disgraced politicians, dictators and companies was highly sought after by the rich and powerful. They seemed unstoppable, until one of their campaigns incited a flashpoint of racial tensions in South Africa and became an unmitigated disaster for these veteran spin doctors. Archival material provides a factual background to interviews with the firm’s founder, Lord Tim Bell, and those who worked with, for and against him. This riveting examination of the emergence of weaponized communication is both a historical account and dark warning. Alexander Rogalski

Meat The Future 1

Meat the Future

  • Canada
  • 90
  • Liz Marshall

The transition from hunter/gatherer societies to agricultural economies was an incredible disruption of how humans produced and consumed food. World meat consumption is predicted to double by 2050, and bring with it a climate catastrophe, if we continue with our current model of factory farming. But a potential solution to this impending disaster is being developed in labs: “clean meat.” Bill Gates and Richard Branson are among the billionaires investing in food science that can grow meat from animal cells without the need to slaughter animals. As the price per pound drops monthly and some of the world’s top chefs cut into this cultured protein, feedlots might become a thing of the past. Following the innovative Berkeley start-up Memphis Meats as they ramp up production in a full-scale factory and navigate the quickly changing regulations in this emergent industry, it becomes clear we’re on the cusp of an edible revolution. Alexander Rogalski

They Call Me Dr Miami 4

They Call Me Dr. Miami

  • Canada
  • 77
  • Jean-Simon Chartier

Plastic surgeon Michael Salzhauer built a successful private practice in south Florida, catering to a beach-based clientele obsessed with attaining a “perfect” body through breast augmentation and Brazilian butt lifts. But his millions of social media followers know him as Dr. Miami, an entrepreneur who embraces hip hop and Snapchat as a way to bring new audiences into his operating room and expand his brand. At first glance he seems like a natural result of an airbrushed selfie-obsessed culture. Yet when he’s not at his clinic, he’s a dedicated husband, father of five and practicing Orthodox Jew who observes the Sabbath. Salzhauer is his own hype man, but it's the insights from his wife and teenage daughter that raise the most pertinent observations about body modification and vanity in modern society. Dr. Miami’s seemingly contradictory identities is what makes him a fascinating subject in this nuanced character study of blurry moral boundaries. Alexander Rogalski

Walrus Whistleblower 1

The Walrus and the Whistleblower

  • Canada
  • 90
  • Nathalie Bibeau

Marineland has been a Niagara Falls tourist magnet since 1961, a place where families flocked to see dolphins, whales and walruses perform with their human trainers. For more than a decade, Philip Demers worked there as a trainer; when he developed a unique bond with a walrus named Smooshi, their relationship wooed the public and garnered international media attention. But in 2012, Demers and several co-workers quit their jobs and broke their silence, alleging that the captive animals were suffering from negligent treatment and unhealthy living conditions. Their firsthand accounts provided key evidence for animal rights activists who lobbied to shut Marineland down. After turning on his employer and demanding protection for the animals, Demers was served with a lawsuit, but saw his social media following explode. Highlighting the consequences of whistleblowing and the politics of enacting lasting change, this timely tale poignantly tallies the cost of speaking your truth in an age of instant communication. Alexander Rogalski

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