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Video Postcard from Home

During these unique and unprecedented times, all aspects of our lives are changing; no one is unaffected. As an opportunity to express and reflect, we launched the Docs For Schools Video Postcards from Home project, where youth aged 11-18 could submit a short video about their life during quarantine. Our call for submissions was answered in diverse and creative ways.

This curated collection of video postcards showcase emotions that truly represent feelings of a world in flux.

Grafton Ayres
A snippet of my life during Quarantine with a humourous spin!

Charlize Ga
The video called “The Five Stages of Self Isolation” (inspired by the five stages of grief) captures what my day to day life looks like. The struggles, the perks, you name it.

Styles Hansen
My video postcard is about how I am trying to keep softball alive while I’m limited to my home during the pandemic.

Camille Kinsella
Isolation demonstrates the contrasts in daily life before and after the COVID-19 pandemic as well as the loss of contact with your loved ones.

Gabriel Mas
A collection of six-word sentences from classmates describing their time in this quarantine.

George Mikhaiel
Life in quarantine is pretty boring. I’ve been at home alone but sometimes you have to find something fun to do.

Lake Peterson
My video is a short-drawn animation about how COVID-19 has affected the world around us.

Zahra Raji
I made a sample diary of how many days I’m left feeling unmotivated and unproductive. Quarantine has been a struggle for me and others so I felt like I should portray that in a creative way.

Imani Reid
My video shows how life has changed from 2019 to 2020 and how I have been coping with being inside. My video includes activities I have been doing to keep myself busy.

Hayden Sylvester
About how my day goes during this virus.

Emmit Tam
A Guide To Quarantine is a simple stop motion about how to quarantine. A light-hearted video that doesn’t take itself too seriously.

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