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30 Years of Hot Docs: Audience Award Winners

Celebrate 30 years of Hot Docs with some of your favourites! Rediscover the docs that have captivated Festival-goers and taken home the coveted Audience Award.

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Series runs Until September 30

three women playing music

Fanny: The Right to Rock

Uncover the story of a Filipina American garage band that morphed into the ferocious rock group Fanny, who almost became the female Beatles.
  • D: Bobbi Jo Hart
  • Canada
  • 2021
  • 96 min
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a group of people standing in the snow

First We Eat

In a celebration of community and the bounty local food, filmmaker Suzanne Crocker puts food security to the test and eliminates grocery store foods from her house.

For one year, she feeds her family only food that can be hunted, fished, gathered, grown or raised around Dawson City, Yukon. Add three skeptical teenagers, one reluctant husband, no salt, no caffeine, no sugar and -40 temperatures. 

  • D: Suzanne Crocker
  • Canada
  • 2020
  • 100 min
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a person standing against a rainbow wall

Someone Like Me

Follow the parallel journeys of Drake, a gay asylum seeker from Uganda, and a group of strangers from Vancouver’s queer community who are tasked with supporting his resettlement in Canada. Together, they embark on a year-long quest for personal freedom, revealing how survival itself can become a victory.
  • D: Sean Horlor & Steve J Adams
  • Canada
  • 2021
  • 80 min
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a person holding a medal


When former US Marine and world record weightlifter, Janae Marie Kroc, is publicly outed as transgender, she is rejected from her sport and from her family. In this intimate portrait, Janae must navigate her new role in society while reconciling her love of bodybuilding with being a woman.
  • D: Michael Del Monte
  • Canada
  • 2017
  • 78 min
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